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A new smile in two weeks

Your smile sends messages to everyone you meet. Studies show that your teeth are the main physical characteristic that people notice first, and a friendly smile sets the tone for every relationship in your personal and business life. If you’re unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, dental veneers may offer a significant change you […]

Could A Healthy Mouth Save Your Life?

Have you ever stood beside a rushing river and watched the current carry wood and leaves quickly past? Your blood pulses through your body at a similar pace. Every twenty seconds, blood completes a round trip from head to toe. This closed system averages 100,000 miles of veins, arteries, and capillaries and delivers many vital […]

What If Teeth Could Be Fixed This Way?

With winter upon us, the common cold shows us why it’s aptly named. Rhinoviruses, responsible for many episodes of congestion, coughs, and sore throats, transmit through the population during every season. But research suggests that this virus replicates better at a temperature a few degrees below the body’s core temperature. Plus, people tend to share […]

How Much Sugar Are You Drinking?

Every time you step into a mini-mart, you’re faced with a host of options to squelch your thirst. A rainbow of colors in plastic bottles compete for your attention, and creative marketing often transforms sugared water into a fountain of youth. When it comes to your teeth, does it matter what you choose? How does […]

Oral Bacteria: We Are Not Alone

The jury’s still out on the count, but up to 700 types of bacteria call your mouth their home. About 20 billion of these organisms linger on teeth, in your saliva, and on the lining of your mouth at any given time. In dramatic fashion, they’re able to double their population every 5 hours. That […]

What If Your Teeth Give You An Icy Reception?

Enjoying a cold drink usually involves a little ice. Sometimes larger pieces are hard to resist as teeth crunch them into smaller fragments. The sound of ice crystals shattering reverberates across a room unlike any other chewing activity; up to 250 pounds of force may be needed to break ice cubes with your teeth! Some […]

Cancer Care and Oral Health

  Cancer afflicts more than 1.6 million people every year, along with loved ones who share the journey. Fortunately, successful treatment modalities continue to emerge and more people than ever are winning the battle. But often the powerful medications used to target cancer cells also deliver challenging side effects. And while radiation techniques have become […]

5 Habits That Damage a Smile

  Teeth are essential players in digestion, central to our appearance, and even help us form our words properly.  Enamel, the hardest substance in our bodies, provides a tough outer layer made of intricate crystal rods. And a solid foundation of bone and gum surround the teeth and hold them firmly in place.  As resilient […]

How many years should you keep your teeth?

Excitement abounds when kids lose their first tooth. A series of fly-ins from the tooth fairy result in a little extra spending money and lifetime memories. The visits start to wind down by age 12 when most of the adult teeth have emerged. Wisdom teeth may even move into place a few years later, although […]