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Dear Paul,
As my dentist you are determined to make my teeth “right.” As you know, this in not an easy task. However, you stuck it out even though it was emotionally costly for you. For this yo have my admiration and gratitude. In my life I have had the opportunity to work with many professionals in the health care business. I have never found one who had the guts and fortitude to stand behind their commitments as you have. I appreciate not only your excellent expertise, but also your caring.
     Your loyal patient and friend,  Jay
Just wanted to take this time to thank you for everything you have done for my dental care. You are an amazing dentist who truly cares for his patients’ needs.

After fine tuning the bridge today and now feeling the adjustments I wanted you to know it feels quite well. The bit you were able to grind down feels so much better, even to my surprise J Thanks so much for all your help and concern for my teeth.

      Blessings, Patti

Dear Dr. Paul,

I never seem to catch you in time for a big thank you! You are very patient to give understanding of dentistry to a slow one. You have a beautiful team also — very helpful to answer questions also. May your days of 2006 be a blessing to many! Just know you are greatly appreciated!
Very sincerely, Alma Flanagan

I recently started seeing Dr. Falvey about 8-9 months ago. After seeing several other dentists in the area over the years, I can truly say that Dr. Favey is by far the best, most meticulous, smart, organized, and above all super nice dentist I’ve ever gone to! Bravo! I recommend Dr. Falvey to anyone who cares about their dental wellbeing.
         Julia O.